UPDATE II – While we realise ARRL will likely never show documentation received to approve any previous activities / expeditions – even dubious ones –  it suggests this closed-shop mentality is counterproductive, particularly when genuine operators seek transparency.

To be clear, DX World has no axe to grind with individuals, but when a suspect case such as 4S7DXG is approved for DXCC, with the history this callsign and operator have, and with Bill Moore NC1L mentioning he contacted the Sri Lankan PTT when he apparently did not, then it is reasonable to assume some basic questions be answered. Sadly, they probably won’t be.

UPDATE: DX World.net contacted Bill Moore NC1L, ARRL Awards Manager for clarification on documentation received to approve 4S7DXG for DXCC credit, considering the history behind this particular callsign. Mr Moore said:

I have spent a lot of time working on this with their PTT, and others, and my announcement today is the result.

In all fairness to Ivan and the many who worked him, the effort was worth it and today’s decision I believe is fair. A few have tried to steer me in the wrong direction and I saw through any possible personal feelings some may have had with Ivan.

Not sure where several others have gotten their information but my decision was based on information from the proper authorities.

We have again asked ARRL, in particular their Awards Manager, to provide clear documentation of approval in the hope 4S7DXG is actually good for DXCC —– as seen in comments the RSSL were not contacted — inconsistent of the above quote.

The following operations have been approved for DXCC:

  • 4S7DXG – Sri Lanka (only operations in 2008 and 2011).
  • 8Q7VR – Maldives (only operations in 2008 and 2011).

Of note, interesting dialogue and counter-exchange took place in 2011/2012 regarding 4S7DXG activity.