The activations of South Sandwich and South Georgia Islands as VP8STI and VP8SGI in January-February 2016 are the next major Dxpeditions to take place.

The decision to activate VP8-South Sandwich and VP8-South Georgia was made upon seeing how well FT4TA, FT5ZM and K1N were funded.

That gave us the confidence to go forward activating these two rare and remote islands on the same trip. We are now finding ourselves with a significant funding shortfall. By adding South Georgia to our itinerary we added fifteen days at $8,000 per day or $120,000 onto the cost to activate South Sandwich.

Analysis of our funding shows us that while individual donations have exceeded all expectations, our club donations have not. We are seeing that many Clubs that gave FT5ZM or K1N $1000-$2000 are giving us $500 or a fraction of what they gave to these other Dxpeditions. Some clubs have decided not to make any donation to us that gave quite generously to other recent Dxpeditions.

While we appreciate each and every donation, we can tell you that a Club donation to us of $500 amounts to a donation of $250 for the activation of each of these rare and remote islands. With a budget of $425,000 we are making small incremental steps when leaps and bounds are needed.

As you know, upfront donations are critical for a Dxpeditions success. Each member of the Intrepid DX Group has contributed $15,000 of their personal funds to move the VP8STI-South Sandwich and VP8 South Georgia Dxpeditions forward. These are two ten day Dxpeditions to two top ten DXCC entities back to back. (#3 and #8)

To date, we have raised $142,000 above the team contribution of $210,000. We still have a deficit of $73,000 that we need to fill as much as we can.

It is only through the generosity of Club donations such as yours that we can make this DXpedition possible.

We would love to realize sufficient support so that the Intrepid-DX Group could plan the future activation of another top five island entity after the VP8STI/VP8SGI Dxpedition. Without sufficient funding, we cannot make those kinds of plans for the future.

At this time, we are asking for those Foundations and Clubs that have not yet made a donation to please consider doing so. We cannot make it there on our own.

Please watch for updates and announcements on The Daily DX, DX-World, DX Coffee and DX News. We hope that you will consider a donation today,

Thank you,

Paul N6PSE, Co-Leader, VP8 Team