Martti, OH2BH and Leena, OH2BE along with the WRTC 2018 winners, Gedas, LY9A and Mindis, LY4L, will attend the Japan (JARL) Ham Fair 2018 in Tokyo this coming
weekend. You can find them at the Yaesu booth for most of Saturday and Sunday.

During their travel they will do some “test drives” with a new FTDX101D and discuss
its characteristics with Yaesu R&D engineers prior the commercial release of
the radio.

Martti will be presenting the Kosovo Project, Z60A at the Japan International DX
Meeting (JIDXM 2018). He will also introduce the WRTC winners. On the following
Monday, he will be heading to Guam for a week long holiday stint. This will include
participation in the All Asian DX Contest, with another slick (TBA) contest call.

The Governor of Guam has declared the island in a state of emergency as a low-pressure
keeps hanging above Guam with lots of rain. Erecting the Stepper beam is jointly in the
hands of Ed, KH2L and Mother Nature. Just follow the WX development or come by the
Stepper booth (Nr B-21) at Ham Fair in Tokyo to hear the latest.

QSL via OH2BH.