NEWS UPDATE – Due to bad weather in the area, coupled with high costs to go to the island (Sapuka Besar), the team has decided to postpone this IOTA activity until March 2022. For info, the cost of activating this particular IOTA group is in excess of $2.5K, and the team are now looking for sponsors. [tnx OM3JW]

OCTOBER 5, 2021A 10-man team consisting YB8DKL, YB8HZ, YC8ES, YC8AQY, YC8BNZ, YD8CUI, YD8CXQ, YD8BVL, YD8ESH & YD8ERF plan activity from Sapuka Besar (one of the Sabalana and Tengah Islands), OC-247 during November 12-16, 2021. QRV on 80-10m; CW, SSB, FT8, RTTY. It will take the team more than 24 hours by boat (from Celebes) to get there.