NEWS UPDATE – “Good news! Negotiation with local airline successed now. I will fly by special arranged flight on 19th August 2017 (Saturday) and will start QRV from evening at local time (around 0800 GMT on 19th August) . If I could land OC-191, I will QRV from there until 23rd August (Wedness day) as A35JP/P. As there is no internet, please allow me to upload log after I return to civilization in JA. Weather tomorrow here looks good. Cross your finger…See you in pile up.” Masa, JA0RQV/A35JP

JUNE 26, 2017 — Masa, JA0RQV is planning to activate Niuatoputapu Island (OC-191) as A35JP/P from 17 to 22 August 2017. QTH will be same guest house in Hihifo village where he activated OC-191 in 2014. Success rate will fully depend on the probability of domestic flight to OC-191 which is scheduled once a week. Operation will be powered by generator. QRV on 80m-6m, CW & SSB. QSL via LoTW, Club Log OQRS.

MAY 27, 2014 – Masa JA0RQV is planning to return to Tonga and QRV from Niuatoputapu Island OC-191 as A35JP/P between May 28 to June 3, 2014.

This operation will depend on weather and flight to the island, with limited activity because of limited supply of electric power.

QRV on 80-6m, CW/SSB. QSL via H/c.

Note: In case flight is cancelled, Masa may QRV from Tongatapu Island (OC-049) or Vavau Island (OC-064) instead.