UPDATE @ 19:00z – A25RU will soon QRT. That good news is they will next be active as C92RU. Videos below by R7NA.

MARCH 30 – The team report they have two nights left (on 80/160m). Limited activity on HF expected until 31st local evening. They are very busy with COVID tests and another arrangements. All team members are really tired but still in good spirits.

MARCH 29 – A herd of animals walked by and broke the mast for the 80/160m vertical. Counterweights are in a heap. This is not the first “attack” on the low band antennas by such animals! The receiving antennas also get wrecked by the herd. It’s becoming habitual to crawl along the thorns in the dark and tune the antenna! The noise on low bands is moderate. [tnx RU3UR]

MARCH 28 – Due to unforeseen issues, the team will be active from Botswana for an extra 2-3 days. They are on their way to 40,000 QSOs.

MARCH 25 – Recently the team suffered two amplifier failures, however both are now repaired. They say they hear well on 80m. 

MARCH 24, 2021Log updated as at 17:55z. 27500 QSOs. Over 1000 QSOs on 160m. 

MARCH 18 – Team member RU3UR brings us an update:

A vertical was installed for 160m and one beverage was made for the USA. We couldn’t hear anything on 160m last night. There were stations on FT8 this morning. Noise level S3-5. Today, we do beverage for JA. It is problematic to make a receiving antenna to the north, however we will see what happens with these antennas. The 160m vertical tuned well, but at night a strong wind blows and capacitive loads “walk”, which upsets the antenna and us! There is still a lot of antenna work to do – everyone is trying. There is a problem of mutual interference and local interference too. It is difficult to say about the weekend (RDXC), but probably be ready for 80 and 160.

MARCH 16 – Team earlier today doing more antenna assembly. Pictures credit R9LR. Logsearch here

– recorded by IZ5CML.

MARCH 15 @ 0900z – The A25U license in hand. Antennas being installed. QRV later today / evening (their time).

MARCH 13 @ 17:00Z – Team A25RU at Domodedovo airport, Moscow with 11 pieces of luggage each weighing approx 23kg.

Vladimir R9LR, Vasily R7AL, Mikhail RU3UR, Leonid UI8J

MARCH 6, 2021

Russian DXpedition Team soon on their way to Botswana. Activity as A25RU.

Ops: R7AL, UI8J, R9LR & RU3UR.

QRV: March 15-26, 2021.

4 radios / 6 antennas. QRV 160-10m; QO-100 SAT CW, SSB, FT-8 (F/H mode, WSJT-X 2.0 software)

Full info here