UPDATE from Gene, K5GS, team member of VK9MT:

The VK9MT team arrived back at Mackay at about 03:00 (local).. April 8th. We are now at the Mackay Marina and will begin the unloading process…

We see that PayPal limited our account but that problem should now be resolved. We will check it later today. We sent the complete log to Tim this morning, so please give him some time to check the log.

Many of you have sent e-mails to info@vk9mt.com regarding missing contacts or busted calls.  These will be resolved by M0URX so please be patient while Tim works his magic. More later as it’s time to get to the unloading process.

April 6 – Since the team had to leave Mellish Reef sooner than expected due to a tropical weather system in the vicinity, there was simply no time remaining to upload the final logs. This means the VK9MT online log is currently incomplete. It’s advisable to QRX with logging questions until the team are back on the Australian mainland.

QSL manager Tim, M0URX informs:

Emails to the QSL manager about busted calls should ONLY be for QSOs up to 2100ut on 3rd April. The team will update the log on Club Log as soon as they are able to. They are at sea and at the moment not able to transfer the data.