Two weeks has elapsed since we wrote a piece about the DXCC validity of 4U1A,  ran a survey on the matter, and club members of 4U1A in-turn wrote to DXCC / DXAC and ARRL. 

In this two week period, some very high profile people were contacted. They know who they are.  Sadly, however, not one person (with an authority or insight on this issue) has replied. Not one.

We start to ask questions like everybody else: Why the “closed-shop” mentality? Why the complete silence? Why not engage in dialogue? Why no answers? 

On behalf of the UN Radio Club 4U1A, we fully understand the position of the security service of the UN complex in Vienna, which greatly limits the activities and initiatives of the club, but we do not at all understand the position of the ARRL, which, in fact, should be in solidarity with the topic of amateur radio. We do not see nor feel any support or interest from DXCC / DXAC and ARRL. It’s akin to having one’s head in the sand, and we are genuinely interested in what radio amateurs think about this silence.