Earlier today the postman delivered an item stamped “Norge“. What could this be from Norway?  Actually, upon opening the envelope I had remembered that Ken LA7GIA (team leader of 3Y0J) had recently said he was going to send me something in the post. Sure enough, it arrived today! It was Ken’s way (on behalf of 3Y0J team) of thanking DX-World for supporting Bouvet 2023. 

Thanks for sponsoring 3Y0J! With your coverage of the DXpedition you made it possible for DXers to follow us, and you also had a great impact on our fundraising. Small piece of rock is well deserved!

To add a little funny side to this, my wife generally keeps an eye on DX-World for the latest news (sadly she’s not a radio ham), and asked was the piece of rock from the recent Rockall expedition? I explained that it was from the other desolate island called Bouvet. Then she rememebered 3Y0J 😀  

Thanks Ken and team for the Bouvet Rock!

73 Col @ DX-World

PS: Re-live the entire Bouvet DXpedition here: