We’ve noticed – through recent website statistics and analysis – there’s a whole lot of new readers visiting DX-World to find out the very latest DX news. Therefore, here’s a little recap as to what we try to do for you:

  • Break DXpedition news.
  • Very regularly update DX news and info, 7 days a week. 
  • Dedicated pages covering IOTA and all DX continents.
  • DX-World Weekly Bulletin.
  • An advertising platform with vast global readership.
  • Online shop with embroidered clothing.
  • IOTA of the Day feature.
  • QSL of the Day feature.
  • DX Recordings of past expeditions.
  • “DX On This Day” – past DXpedition reference.
  • “Guess the QSL” and “DX Crossword” on social media pages.
  • Hugely popular DXpedition Timeline.
  • DXpedition Videos Corner.
  • Random DX Pileup videos.
  • DX Shoebox.
  • DX Quizzes. 
  • Social media pages running into the tens of thousands of followers and likes.
  • No subscription based fees. Website free to read – no firewall. 

DX-World, initially under a different name, but still run by Col MM0NDX, has been online and updated almost daily for over 15 years. It’s hard to imagination how many hours worked – and to an extent how much money has been spent on the website – but 99% of the time it’s enjoyable. 

Thanks for reading, supporting and sharing DX news you found helpful here on DX-World.net