It’s quite possibly the most difficult IOTA in the world to activate, let alone set foot on. Who remembers the short activity by MM0RAI/P from Rockall EU-189 in 2011?  Before that, in 2005, another brief activation by MS0IRC/P. Both cut short by bad weather and high seas.

Although the following is not an announcement regarding a new expedition to Rockall, there is a ham radio flavour to it.

Nick Hancock, an adventurer and explorer based in Scotland, landed on the islet on June 5. His intention is to remain 60 days on the rock – raising money for the charity Help for Heroes – by breaking the record of staying there the longest.

Today, 12 days into his stay, he decided to email from the rock. Nick and I have met a few times, primarily to chat about a planned expedition to EU-189 a few years ago, which we cancelled in the end. (He was going to be lead climber and safety guru within our group).

As I’m here I wondered if you thought it worthwhile me putting in some fixings for aerials in the future? I have some scaffold anchors? What do you think?

I quickly replied with a “Yes!” Although it may be some years before another activation takes place, to have new fixings on the rock is vital for future antenna work. With any luck, and satellite phone connection permitting, Nick will send some images later.

Perhaps, one day, an ambitious IOTA group will make use of Nick’s handy work. Meanwhile, bookmark Rockall Solo, especially the BlogTwitter and /or Facebook pages where some very interesting pictures are shown!