dxworld_logo_2DX-World.net is a free-to-read, non-subscription DX news service mainly for DXers and IOTA enthusiasts. In actual fact it’s a resource most other DX news outlets use and we’re proud not to charge anyone a single cent to read. Our remit is quite simple: Publish DX news and snippets for all with no strings attached.

Now running for over 8 years (initially under a different name), DX-World has grown in stature since 2007, reaching a truly global audience. Almost 3.5M page-views occurred last year; up 500,000 on the year before and 1M up on the year 2012. The trend continues to rise and we’re at 4.5M already for 2015.

Thanks a lot for reading and trusting us!

DX-World is not a money making project, nor do our lives or livelihood depend on it. (All team members have regular day jobs). Rather, it’s a not-for-profit adventure which can often result in various DXpeditions receiving a small grant through an advertising campaign set up in 2012. We will never be able to donate tens of thousands of dollars such as NCDXF do, but every little helps. We’re happy to play our small part in helping future DXpeditions – and not by making money on publishing DX news generally found on a Google search. Neither do we demand our logo is displayed on QSL cards or websites simply because we published some news..

Another remit we have is to publish at least one DX news item daily. If we don’t, we feel quite bad about this! Since 2007 we believe daily publications have taken place on site; in other words, to date, that’s over 3000 continuous days with some form of DX news published, including every weekend. A lot of man hours and work. On average 3 or 4 DX posts are published per day, very often with Breaking DX News. I dare to think how much time I’ve personally spent on a computer!

Our sources are few – we do the work so others use the content for free, or not...

Sometimes we ask only for a small credit if a picture or text has been used with obvious DX-World writing or markings. We’re not big on demanding a copyright here, there or everywhere, but we probably should tighten up this aspect considering a large amount of Breaking DX news is first published on DX-World.

The social media side of DX-World is also growing by the day. A few years ago, while we initially had reservations about using this platform, it was soon realised a wide audience were partial to it. We don’t profess to use social media 24/7, but it’s just another level of DX info for those who favour it. We’ll continue to strengthen that side in the coming months. Again, updates appear daily on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, often with alternative DX news, pictures or videos.

We’ve come a long way since 2007 sometimes seeing other DX news publications / websites appear. We don’t know what the next 7 years will bring, but it’s my hope to write a similar passage to this in 2021!

Although not sought, personal donations are always gratefully received. A big thank you to those who have previously donated – it’s much appreciated.

Vy 73

Col, MM0NDX and DX-W Team

PS: I often wonder how many DXpedition donators read DX-World firstly before deciding to contribute their hard earned money to a particular project. Equally, I’m curious if DXpeditions realise where some of their donations originate from – for sure VP8STI know!