Interesting video. A closer look at Rose Atoll, OC-190. The 2nd most wanted Oceania IOTA (1.1% claimed). Only Snares Island (OC-068) is more wanted (0.6% claimed).  A quick check of the IOTA Directory suggests OC-190 is 8th most wanted IOTA globally.

Incidentally, we note mention of Sand island a short distance away from Rose Atoll. This appears to be 4 acres in size and has no vegetation. It’s not listed in the IOTA Directory under OC-190, but likely qualifies. Perhaps, due to no obvious vegetation, this particular island could be considered better for tents, generators etc..

A few years ago, a well known IOTA DXpedition group were looking to activate this rare island, however they were unable to obtain a USFWS permit.