UPDATEInteresting updated QRZ.com biography!

King Dmitri (RA9USU) features approx. 1:56 into the clip. In April 2015, Paul N6PSE interviewed Dmitri and asked him about being a King!

Yes, I am the King of Bir Tawil. Last year I was travelling to the section of desert between Sudan and Egypt that neither country wants or claims. So I have travelled there, crossed Bir Tawil until the Sudanese border, planted the flag and staked my name and made myself King. Later I found that it was falsely claimed by one person, who hasn’t any proof of visiting Bir Tawil nor responded to my official request. Hopefully soon you will be able to work a new King on the air from my Kingdom.


Operating QTH of 1U4UN

Operating QTH of 1U4UN, credit RA9USU