By Jan 4X1VF – Team leader

We left Tel Aviv on Wednesday Nov 24 for Kigali, the capital of Rwanda. The flight was 14 hours long and we had connections in Ethiopia and Burundi before arriving in Kigali late afternoon.

Every team member carried about 40kg of equipment. We decided not to rely on any local equipment and brought everything from Israel. We were worried about Customs while entering Rwanda with all the equipment and mainly the transceivers. Fortunately, we had prepared all the necessary paperwork for the main equipment with Rwanda’s authorities. We were lucky, they checked only one suitcase and released us quickly. We loaded all the stuff on the reserved bus and traveled to Rusiga, 30km north from Kigali. We arrived in Rusiga in the late afternoon and installed the first station with a 40/80 dipole hanging 15M high on the tree.

Every team member received a nice room in the resort. The resort is located on a green mountain 2200m above sea level, with an outstanding view. We installed the other stations and erected the following antennas – HEX BEAM, VERTICALS, CAROLINA WINDOM, DIPOLE AND G5RV around the cottages. Compared to the CQWW SSB contest one month before, the conditions were poor during this week and the 28MHz was almost closed for the whole week. We worked 100w only. It was a big challenge to run the low bands with this power. Our major big surprise was the satellite 13cm band. With a nice pile up, we made 620 QSO’s.

During the CQWW CW contest we participated as Multi Operator, Single Transmitter, Low Power category. We made 2300 QSOs – second place in Africa. For the contest the owner rented us a 7KVA generator as a back up due to many electricity outages in the resort.

The Israeli ambassador in Rwanda Ron Adam came twice to visit us in Rusiga. We explained to him the details and rules of the contest and the activity.
We had a great chef in the resort that made us tasty food during the entire week. We celebrated lighting the first Hanukkah candles at the resort.

We made 6700 QSOs total during the six days of activity. One day before departure, we went to Kigali to take a Covid 19 test. We removed all antennas and packed the equipment. We left Rwanda on Dec 1 on the way to Israel via Addis Ababa. On arrival we were put in isolation in a restricted hotel because Rwanda is considered a red country. One positive lady on the flight put our entire group for 7 days isolation at home!

I would like to thank all our sponsors and friends that assisted us to make it happen.

DECEMBER 1 – Due to frequent electricity breaks that created a problem during the CQWW CW contest, the resort manager brought a 7KVA generator to the team. More news updates here

NOVEMBER 26 – Picture above is of Ruben 4Z5FI, Hanan 4Z1DZ and Mark 4Z4KX during Hexbeam installation. Picture courtesy team 9X4X. 

NOVEMBER 24 @ 18:10Z – Just after 18z today, 9X4X started activity on 40m CW, soon followed by 80m FT8. Check log here. Picture below is of team at Kigali airport upon arrival. 

NOVEMBER 24 @ 0820Z – Team arrive Addis Ababa on way to Rwanda. Picture below courtesy 9X4X website. 


OCTOBER 6 – 9X4X website now online. 

AUGUST 1, 2021 – The Holy Land DX Group plan activity from Rwanda as 9X4X during November 24 to December 1, 2021. Ops are 4Z4KX, 4X6YA, 4Z5FI, 4Z5LA, 4Z1DZ & 4X1VF. Active with 3 stations; 160-10m – CW, SSB, RTTY and FT8 (possibly SAT). Participation in the CQWW DX CW contest (Nov 27-28). QSL via 4Z5FI.