NEWS UPDATE – The team went QRT at 12:00z today. They reached their target of 30K QSOs. New pictures added to their website

MARCH 18 – Now into our final hours of our operation. Despite constant power cuts, lightning storms and zero sunspots, we are still within reach of our 30,000 QSO target. Fingers crossed that ‘Murphy’ doesn’t make an appearance for the coming hours!

Tonight is our last night on 160m. Tomorrow we begin the station tear down soon after sunrise, starting with the LF antennas. We are getting lots of emails of encouragement and kind words of support. We are glad that we are giving many a new ATNO or band/mode slot. Soon we will add a ‘Comments tab’ on this site and share these for all to see!

One NA station worked us as a ‘New One’ after 31 years! Another worked us as #200 DXCC on 160m. Over 800 NA stations now in the log.

We’ll do one more update when we QRT tomorrow, as soon after we’ll be beginning our 22 hour journey back to EI.

MARCH 17 – New pics added to website

MARCH 16 @ 12:00 – Just reached 20,000 QSOs so big celebrations! Over 50% of our QSOs are uniques and 125 DXCCs now worked. We are QRV on all bands from 160m to 10m, and are running 4 stations during peak times. Band conditions are poor however, so mostly only 2 bands are open at any one time. We are still trying hard to work our North American friends…signals are very small. Remember, try to call in the clear and spread out…you will have a better chance to get in the log!

20m only opens for around 10 hours a day, and we are still experiencing regular power outages. Infact earlier today, we were on generator power for 6 hours.

All team members are meshing incredibly well together, we all have the same goal. We are now entering our final days of operating….and the team spirit is still high.

Next update on Friday….tomorrow is St.Patrick’s Day…..Nepali style

MARCH 13 @ 20:00 – Over 11,000 QSOs in the log, with zero sunspots!

All 4 stations can run during peak times, however, at night time only 2-3 bands are open. We are trying hard for North America, and are working on both SP and LP openings.

There’s still a lot of demand for RTTY too. All the team are still highly motivated and are all focused on our 30,000 QSO target.

We are getting some great comments and we appreciate every single one of them. Hopefully you’ll all be seeing a lot more of the EI DX Group!

SSB operations (credit 9N7EI website)

MARCH 13 @ 0900 –Team members in good spirits and with over 9000 QSOs in total they are well on their way to their 30,000 target. Conditions aren’t great and propagation is poor. There are only two bands open at night and its difficult to find propagation to maintain their 4 stations on air all of the time.

9N7EI will be on 160m tonight. The frequency is not yet known. If the activity is good enough they may be on more nights.

New log uploaded to M0OXO Logsearch & OQRS. Log also on Club Log for Leaderboard facilities.

Stay tuned to DX World for the latest information..

MARCH 121st logs uploaded to Club Log. Leaderboard activated

New pictures added to 9N7EI webpage

MARCH 11 – Team member Pat, EI5IX reports all is well. They’ve had very high noise levels on 40-80-160 but have remedied the issue by making extra loops. Pat says it’s cold at the QTH (5 degrees C). Approx 3500 QSOs so far. More news here on official 9N7EI website.

Famous flag at 9N7EI!

MARCH 11 @ 11:30Z – Electrical storms have subsided so the team is back in action. Below is a short video showing how the storms made them QRX for a while yesterday!

Earlier today, students and teacher (SA3LUL Rasmus, SA3TOA Johannes, SA3MAJ Felicia, SA3JIF Jonas) from Sandö Rescue College in Sweden met with 9N7EI Team Leader EI9FBB to learn more about putting on a Dxpedition and the logistics involved. You can read more here

MARCH 10 @ 16:30Z — 9N7EI is currently off air due to electrical storms in the area. They hope once weather passes to be QRV after 01:00Z. QRX.

Lightning at QTH of 9N7EI (credit EI5IX)

MARCH 10 @ 13:00Z — Now QRV

MARCH 10 @ 08:00Z — Antennas going up at QTH. QRV later today. Website

MARCH 9 — The 9N7EI team have arrived Nepal. Tomorrow at 0630 local they will begin antenna setup. New photos added to their website.

MARCH 8 @ 10:30Z — 9N7EI team now underway to Nepal from Dublin via Abu Dhabi.

Picture: Thos Caffrey

FEBRUARY 21 — In just 2 weeks from now, 12 members from the EI DX Group will begin their travels to Nepal for their 10 day operation from the hills high above Kathmandu. The 9N7EI team report that they have located a different QTH which has truly spectacular views in all directions. Sited at over 6,000′ above sea level, “we now have the clear path we were looking for towards NA/EU.” The team are delighted to announce that their requested 9N7 ‘Echo India’ callsign is confirmed and our licenses have now been issued. The packing of over half a ton of equipment has already begun with final plans being well underway. For more information, photos and latest news please visit their webpage at: