MAY 14 UPDATE  (as per

QRM continues to be prohibitive for any normal CW/SSB on 20m inclusive and below, where even FT8 struggles with signals heavily plagued by the local interference/QRM. Higher bands are surprisingly good and 6m started showing some life. For the time being, only Asia and the Western part of the Pacific have been heard/worked.

Most of the activity is on CW and occasionally some SSB, but I’ve started doing some RTTY again, which is great fun and requires operator skills and interaction, as opposed to utterly boring and unchallenging, yet I must admit, very useful FT8 & FT4 modes.

The license has been renewed and extended until May 2023. Please note that  60m band is not permitted in Nepal.

NOVEMBER 2, 2021 

Following info was published on the page of Robert, S53R.

9N7AA license has been issued yesterday. T6AA equipment is still stuck in Kabul and we are trying hard to bring it to Kathmandu. I have brought two TS590SG radios and a few basic accessories in my suitcases, so some very basic operation will start soon. A small multiband vertical has been installed temporarily until I move to my permanent residence, where Ultra Beam / WIMO 2el Yagi (40-6m) will be installed at 25m+. Will still have to figure out 160/80m due to very limited space. Note that 60m band is not permitted in Nepal.

The new residence is a high rise with a clear shot towards EU and US. The problem in Kathmandu is very heavy QRM due to open power lines and all kinds of man-made interference. For the time being, an only limited operation is planned but the pace should pick up by end of November and when the rest of the equipment arrives.

QSL for this operation goes via S57DX, direct only, and of course, LoTW and ClubLog will be updated at least once a week.

Please note that 9N7AA was previously issued to UA3AA back in 2014 and is now re-issued to me. S57DX will only handle the QSLs for my operation, from November 2021 onwards.

73 Robert, S53R / 9N7AA