Jeff 9G5AC / W7JVN informs:

My wife (WB7NLY) and I have been called to a church mission in Ghana, Africa. I thought it would be nice to be on a DX expedition here so I brought my FT-857 and have set up a humble little station at my house. I have a 20 meter inverted V dipole antenna mounted on a 30 foot bamboo pole. I use a 12 volt battery off my generator for power for the radio.  I will get on 20 and 15 meters SSB whenever I get a chance and when the bands are open here. With the antenna I have and only 100 watts I don’t think I will have a big signal out of Ghana but I have made several contacts so far with good reports. I will be Asamankese, Ghana (which is in the bush) for about 16 months. I am looking forward to working as many stations as possible and I hope you are one of them.