Members of the Radio Club Croatian Flora Fauna and friends (9A3DF, 9A3ST, 9A4WY, 9A5M, 9A5YY, 9A6AA + two non-ham persons) will be active in the IOTA contest from the uninhabited island of Sušac, on July 24/31, (EU-016, 9AFF-0011, CI-109, LH-1430, 42°45,0N 16°29,7E) as 9A2L. Some of operators will operate before and after IOTA Contest under their H/C and 9A1WFF/p.

9A5YY and 9A3ST will activate SOTA 9A/DH-157 (first activation).

Note: A special t-shirt with 9A2L logo will be awarded (free of charge) to the best HAMs (Croatian + WW) with the highest scores (slots) in IOTA Contest from the table of results available at Club Log.