During July 17-30, 2020 a team consisting S50X, S52P, S53Z, S58MU, DM7AA & 9A3SM will be active from the Palagruža archipelago, EU-090. During the IOTA contest they will sign 9A20A. Outwith the contest they will sign 9A/homecalls. QRV on 80-10m, CW/SSB.

The team will also try to activate two smaller islands, which apply to the IOCA (Croatia) program. These are Mala Palagruža (CI-461) and Galijula ​​(CI-462). 9A20A via S58MU.

Note: The IOTA contest this year is exclusively for single operators using their home stations; only “Single Operator Fixed Island” stations and “Single Operator Fixed World” stations will be eligible to enter.