Saudi Arabia celebrates the 90th National Day of the Unification of the Kingdom on 23rd of September each year.

This date dates back to the Royal Decree issued by King Abdul Aziz No. 2716 dated 17 Jumada I 1351 AH, which orders renaming the kingdom of Hejaz and Najd and its accessories to become the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia starting from Thursday 21 Jumada I 1351 AH corresponding to the 23rd of September 1932.

There will be free e-awards by email upon request. Stations will be active from 17th September till 25 September 2020.

One point for each QSO with the participating stations: 7Z90AL – 7Z90SJ – 7Z90AQ – 7Z90WW – 7Z90OO – HZ90SK – HZ90SM – HZ90BW – HZ90TL – HZ90LG – HZ90BT – HZ90DG – HZ90ND in any mode/band (SSB-CW-DIGI). No duplicates.

Bronze 16 points
Silver 32 points
Gold 64 points