NEWS UPDATE – Hans SM6CVX got in touch to say the planned 8S2K expedition to EU-192 Kataja in May/June is cancelled since it has been activated by others this last winter.

Hans mentions that he thinks there will probably be some other SM2 & SM3 hams going there soon to give North America and Asia a better chance to work this IOTA.

OCTOBER 16, 2018 — A group of five SM6-hams will activate Kataja Island EU-192NEW in late May or first week of June 2019.  Or as soon as ice conditions are gone, and transport by boat is acceptable by locals.

Transport to Kataja Island and lodging is confirmed with locals. There will be 4 stations active for 5 days, running full legal power and verticals. Sweden has today maximum 200 watts legal power, BUT permission for 1 KW is requested,and will be used if permitted.

Further information will be given closer to expedition.

Questions about above please to SM6CVX email according to