[NEWS UPDATE] – Team members DJ4MX and DK6SP met at the QTH of supporter DG8MG in the Bavarian countryside with many dedicated helpers to conduct the first antenna work and preparations for the 8R – Guyana 2024 project last weekend (August 18-20).

Since the project team received some needed parts from the valued sponsors over the past weeks, the equipment had to be prepared and tested. At summer temperatures beyond 30°C and bright sunshine the following tasks were ambitiously accomplished.

  • Test of various highband antennas, e.g., 6-band Hexbeam and 3-band Spiderbeam
  • First setup of the 10m aluminum masts + 12m and 22m Spiderpoles
  • Fabrication of all related Mastrant guy ropes
  • Fabrication of Messi & Paoloni antenna feed lines and jumper coax cables
  • Measurement of all coax cables
  • Proof of concept for the 80/160m vertical antenna
  • And many more things

Many thanks to the hardworking helpers on site: DB1MUC, DF4MAA, DG8MG, DJ2UR, DJ5MN, DL3ON, DN3TMP, DN5TD. We want to thank DG8MG and DJ2UR for their kind hospitality and catering throughout this long weekend. This first testing weekend would not have been possible without all of this active support, many thanks to all involved.