UPDATE by Remo, 8Q7RM

Whenever you want to do something too fast something happens. On the second day, tripod had fallen down – mast broken. With the little help of good old duct tape mast repaired, up and running again. I am pleased with performance and possibilities of the CrankIR. FT-991 does its job. What I miss most is the waterfall display and the possibility to watch several frequencies at the same time like on my FlexRadio at home.

Conditions are good despite the cycle. It goes around the world depending on time of day and band. Some openings on 10m and 12m. On 6m my favorite band =nada 🙂 The biggest challenge on the island is manmade noise caused by all the electrical devices. Every LED, power supply you can turn off reduces the noise level. The AC -12dB, LED in the pool -15dB outdoor lighting -8dB etc. SSB and CW operation is hardly possible, what remains is digital and thanks to FT8 there are good QSOs. I have trouble with CW because I hardly recognize their own callsigns 🙂 and because many CW ops don’t want to adjust their speed. With DXPedition in Malawi 7Q7RU it finally worked out. I am fascinated by the speed and discipline with which the Russian colleagues handle their CW QSOs. Congratulations! I will be QRV until 28.11.2020. Mostly from 10m to 40m. For 80 I can’t extend the radial far enough. best 73 Remo es 8Q7RM.

OCTOBER 21, 2020 – Remo, HB9SHD plans activity from Kandolhu island, Maldives as 8Q7RM during November 2-29, 2020. QRV holiday-style on HF; SSB & Digi.

*Remo was previously active as H44SHD.