UPDATE from 8Q7KP: We were on 17m last night for hours. The band was hot. Thanks to many stations that complied to our requests to obey instructions. It only helps us mow down the pile quicker.

We are aware of an issue where 10M QSOs were logged as 20M (mostly JA). We will fix this soon. So do not worry. We have installed real-time logging on the second computer and hope it will be reliable. We will look for 40m to NA-W coast tonight. We will also look out for 10/12M to NA. We are aware of requests for 10/12M runs to EU as well. Hope to do as much as possible.

March 10, 2013 — Pai VU2PAI and Krish W4VKU will be active from Bodufinolhu, South Male Atoll in the Maldives between April 23 – 30.

Operating as 8Q7KP, plans are for 2 stations (Elecraft K3/Acom 1000 and TS480Sat/Tentec Hercules II), with two Butternut HF9V and a 2 ele SteppIR for higher bands.

They plan to setup OQRS and also upload logs to LotW/eQSL/QRZ.com.

*Note Krish W4VKU plans to be active as VU7KV afterwards.