NEWS UPDATE – Today is the last full day of 7Q5RU activity.  The team haven’t any electricity for almost a day and are powering from generators.
Tomorrow (11th of July) they’ll start disassembling antennas and stations, but will QRV until the evening. 

The locals !

Campfire / cooking place

Something got fried !

RW9JZ in fixing mode

CW/SSB station (Vasily RA1ZZ is the op)

The main source of power are two generators

JULY 8 – Vasily, R7AL passes the following news:

Many hams are asking why 7Q5RU activity is limited mostly to the higher bands. This is because very high noise levels occur on the low bands and they become unworkable. Yesterday, a delta loop antenna for 80m was installed to try avoid some of the QRN, but still no change.

JULY 2 – More pictures to follow later, but here’s some sent by Vasily R7AL to DX-World:

Antenna assembly

Leo, RW9JZ @ 7Q5RU

Antennas @ 7Q5RU

JULY 1 – The team continue to set up antennas. Similar to Zimbabwe they have electricity problems; it’s not always available. In fact, R7AL says it’s probably worse than their 7Q7RU 2020 DXpedition. Currently they look for back-up rental generator, and 7Q7JN (Junior) will also try to help them.

JUNE 29 – Vasily R7AL, Leo RW9JZ and Vasily RA1ZZ of the recent Z21RU (Russian DXpedition Team) will now be QRV from Malawi as 7Q5RU during June 30 to July 10, 2022. QTH: Embangweni Mission Hospital. QRV on similar bands / modes as Z21RU. QSL via Club Log OQRS.  Pictures of 7Q5RU activity to follow.

*Previously the RDXT were active from Malawi as 7Q7RU during November / December 2020.