MARCH 15 – Last night was good on Top Band to EU however we worked only one NA East Coast and no JA`s. QSO count last night was approx 260 and total count is 416 on TB. We will start disassembling the HEX beams and one vertical for 30/40 meter band this evening before SS. One antenna for 30/40, 80 and the 160 antenna will be taken down just after SR tomorrow Saturday 16th. The “new” BEV antenna was installed approx 45 meter from the power-line then the wire was just laid on top of the cornfield and terminated at the opposite end with a 270ohm resistor. This performed very well and the power-line noise is gone. Many challenges at this location in terms of weather and lightning. It has really been only two good days on TB however I am happy with the result so far. Lets hope for good propagation to JA and NA tonight and we will do our outmost to get more qso`s from this part of the world. Tomorrow we tear down the last antennas and then 6-7 hrs bus ride to Johannesburg then back home on Sunday. 73, Rune LA7THA

MARCH 13 – Another challenging night with thunderstorms etc. I start to understand why 7P8 is high up on the most wonted on TB. Yesterday late evening we installed a 130meter long VLB and it seems to outperform the two VE3DO phased loops. The loops are not optimized in terms of spacing (85m), but that is what I have available. Since we are restricted on space the VLB (Very low BEV) is not more than 130 meters. However, it seems to have a better SN ratio vs. the loops. Was running FT8 on 160 for some time but suddenly high SWR on the antenna. The team are happy and do whatever they can to produce QSO’s. Today I will do a new attempt to repair the 160m vertical antenna. The weather forecast for the next few days seems better and I hope this is my last repair. PS noise level on 160 on the vertical is S9+20 and on 80 meter it is S7-9. On the RX antennas the noise is still resting at S 5-7 however that is still better than S9+ 20. Thunderstorm this morning was just amazing, everything was shaking. 73 and all the best from 7P8LB team.

MARCH 12 @ 1900Z — 160m antenna has been fixed after earlier storm today.

MARCH 10 @ 2100Z — GE all, 160 / 80 RX loops installed today. Noise level on 160 and 80 came down from S9+10dB to S5 to S7. Currently there is a big thunderstorm so there is no activity. Will CQ when we feel its safe to continue. 73 all for now.

MARCH 8 — Internet is intermittent, power a bit on and off. 2 x HEX beam installed, vertical for 40/30 installed but noise at S7-8 in the late evening. 80 meter antenna installed but had to stop due to thunderstorm, need to install radials and finalize 80 tomorrow. At least one element on 160m to be installed tomorrow as well as RX antenna. Will receive confirmation on where to install RX antenna tomorrow.

JANUARY 30, 2019 — Team 7P8LB will be active from Lesotho during the period of 8th – 16th of March 2019. QTH: Molengoane Lodge, grid loc: KG30vo.

Rune, LA7THA has organized and planned the trip during the last year. The reason Lesotho was chosen as a “target” is that it’s high up on Low Band Most Wanted Lists and it is “new” on FT8.

There will be 8 operators and they plan to have 2-3 stations running 24/7. QRV on all HF bands SSB, CW, with focus on Low bands and FT8.

Website is almost complete and a Facebook page will be activated close to departure for live info.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2018 — Rune LA7THA informs DX-World that he is currently building at team for 7P8 Lesotho. They expect to be QRV in the first part of March 2019. Duration is approx 10 days with focus on Low bands. License application has already been received and QTH selected. He is currently waiting for confirmation but everything so far looks positive. A website will be announced later.