NEWS UPDATE — Pista HA5AO is operating from the Molangoane Lodge, near Ha Ntsi. The lodge is located on a plateau with no high mountains nearby. The take off to the N and NW it is clear. The NE to JA is slightly blocked by a mountain but it is far enough away to not cause too much of a problem.

He is using a K3 with KPA 500. The antenna is a wire vertical on a 10 meter fiberglass pole with a remote controlled SGC 250 auto tuner. There are 12 x 10.5 meter radials with a copper ground rod. It can be tuned from 80 to 10 m, sorry no TB capability this trip due to high noise levels. The noise is s6 s9 on the low bands making the copy impossible and s3 s5 on the higher bands where copy is difficult. RFI is not a problem, at least no complains from the lodge management.

He received a Busted call request claiming QSOs on 20 February between 15:10 and 16:27. He was not operating at that time, probably a pirate.

He is operating in his free time from the orphanage project. The last operating time will be this Saturday morning when he will disassemble the station. He departs for Budapest on Sunday morning.

JANUARY 30, 2017 — Pista HA5AO will return to Lesotho for humanitarian purposes 10 Feb – 26 Feb 2017.

He will operate mostly CW, 10 – 40 meters during his free time using the call sign 7P8EUDXF.  He will be overseeing the project at a local orphanage that he started during his October, 2016 visit and will deliver donations received since then. Logsearch and OQRS is available on  Please use OQRS for all confirmation requests, do not send cards via the bureau.

For the October, 2016 operation – all OQRS direct and mail direct QSL requests were posted from Budapest on 23 January, 2017, bureau cards were forwarded to the HA bureau. LoTW was uploaded 28 December, 2016.

Money donated to 7P8EUDXF will be used only for humanitarian purposes. The results of Pista’s 2010 activity can be seen at:
At the completion of this next visit the photo gallery on will be updated.