• [QSL] 

Thanks to Vlad OK2WX / 7O2WX who provides this QSL preview.  Hopefully you also enjoyed another DXpedition which was documented by DX-World as shown below:

  • [QRT]

At 12:00z today, 7O2WX went QRT with more than 27K QSOs.

Credit: OK2WX

  • [FEBRUARY 12 @ 0800Z]

With the 7O2WX DXpedition drawing to a close soon, the 160m antenna is currently (0800z) being disassembled.  

  • [FEBRUARY 4] – 

Vlad, OK2WX / 7O2WX continues to be very active. Here’s a new gallery courtesy of Vlad.

  • [FEBRUARY 2] – 

A new generator has arrived for continued 7O2WX operations. A reminder that Vlad is QRV until February 12th. His log search is here

  • [JANUARY 31]

Vlad had to move his radio and amplifier from the shack tent to a stone shelter because the heat is so high (40c). The amp cuts out at 45c. Antennas remain the same. Pictures credit 7O2WX. 

  • [JANUARY 27]

Thanks to Vlad OK2WX for sharing pictures. Now the 160m antenna is tuned, he plans to be on that band after 1500z today (check 1.815Mhz). PS: the bird in picture attacked his SteppIR antenna twice and made a little damage! 

  • [JANUARY 26] – 

All day tried to tune vertical for 160m and put beverage on ground;  short daylight hours and hot. Very hard job.

  • [JANUARY 25 @ 1445Z]

7O2WX base camp under construction.

  • [JANUARY 24 @0700Z]

Just arrived at base camp on the south coast of island. Beautiful beach, calm QTH. Sun is very hot now. After lunch will start to build tents and vertical for 160m first.

Credit: 7O2WX

Credit: 7O2WX

Credit: 7O2WX

  • [JANUARY 23]

I just arrived at Socotra after 26 hours of travel. 117 kg of equipment managed to get to the island. Today, I am staying in Hadibo after a long journey and tomorrow will go to base camp  / my QTH. 

Credit OK2WX

Credit OK2WX

Credit OK2WX

  • [JANUARY 22] – Vlad OK2WX is now on his way to Socotra, Yemen via Vienna, Doha and Abu Dhabi. Here he is pictured at Vienna earlier today.

Credit: OK2WX / 7O2WX

  • [JANUARY 14] – OH6BG has created VOACAP predictions for the 7O2WX DXpedition, and they can be found here.

  • [DECEMBER 24]

A month before the DXpedition begins, the survey results are now known:  “Low bands CW focus preferred together with the 10m band”.

  • [DECEMBER 4] –

Vlad has posted a survey of preferred bands and modes on the DXpedition website. If you are missing some bands and modes from Yemen, he can focus on them. He also mentions approved PA (amplifier) available, on upper bands 3-4 el yagi will be used, and monoband 18m verticals for low bands 160 and 80m. 

  • [NOVEMBER 18] – 

Vlad OK2WX / 7O2WX updates DX-WORLD to say the LoTW certificate for his Yemen DXpediton in early 2024 has been granted. He also adds to keep an eye on the official 7O2WX website for latest news and relevant infos. 

  • [NOVEMBER 10]

Vlad OK2WX will be active from Socotra island, Yemen as 7O2WX during January 25 to February 12, 2024. Focus on low bands (160, 80 and 40m). Equipment: Elecraft K4, Icom 7300 + amplifier. Monoband verticals for each of 160, 80 & 40 and Spiderbeam 5 band for HF.  A log will be available online. Participation in the CQ 160m DX Contest CW. QSL via IZ8CCW.