NEWS UPDATE – Vlad recently got in touch about his “midnight meeting” with the 6W military on Carabane island. Basically, the second-in-command initially detained Vlad due to his ham radio activity. However, the next morning he was released. The picture is of Vlad with the man who arrested him!

Indeed, the military man later emailed Vlad:

FRENCH Bonsoir Vladimir! Vous allez bien. c’est avec un grand plaisir que je t’écrit ce message tout en espérant qu’il te trouve en bonne santé et dans la paix. Quand à moi tout va bien. Durant ton passage chez nous tu as fait montre de sang froid et de bon camarade et je vous admire beaucoup pour ça. Bonne continuation et bonne chance. A bientot!!!! Gallo DIALLO.

ENGLISH Good evening Vladimir! You are fine. It is with great pleasure that I write this message to you while hoping that it will find you in good health and in peace. When to me all goes well. During your stay with us you showed cold blood and good comrade and I admire you very much for that. Good luck and good luck. See you soon!!!! Gallo Diallo.

December 18 by Bob, M0MJA – Vlad is active from AF-078 and has had some serious problems from the island at 20:30 hrs last night. He was detained by military personnel with M16s machine guns and taken away from the island.

His equipment was taken from him and was taken by boat away from the island. After an hour and a half of discussion and negotiation they finally accepted he was doing no harm and escorted him via speed boat boat back to the island.

He is now active again but also has challenges with power and fuel for the borrowed generator.

Very eventful time for Vlad so please try to work him when you can, presently he is working 17 meters.

December 16 — Vlad, UA4WHX is currently active as 6W/UA4WHX/P from Carabane Island AF-078. QRV on HF bands. Length of stay unknown. QSL via H/c.