The Radio Society of Kenya is proud to share with you the activation of our special event call sign 5Z4STAYHOME in recognition of the extraordinary circumstances the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic has wrought globally! 

The message is loud and clear: let’s play our part in staying safe and help stem the spread of COVID-19 by observing social distancing, washing hands frequently, and wearing a mask to prevent infections. 

Kenya is home to about 48 million people, and fantastic wildlife. The geography ranges from white sandy sunny beaches to big game savannah grasslands and montane forests, to rocky deserts and salty lakes. Tourism is a big industry with a raft of options for the adventure seeker or culture buff–don’t forget to apply for your temp 5Z4/ license.

It’s not easy making such radical changes to our daily lives, but your effort counts in potentially saving lives, even if it means personal inconveniences; they are only temporary. Let’s make it easier through the amazing craft of amateur radio, connect with us, save lives, and make new global friends! 

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