[QSL UPDATE] – Pista HA5AO informs that the 5X2I QSL cards have been designed and are being printed. He will start posting the double side (four pages) cards for the OQRS direct request as soon as he receives it from the print shop. Later, he will send the cards for OQRS bureau request. Please do not send your QSL card via the bureau. Claim your bureau card using his OQRS app.

[MAY 8]

I will go QRT tomorrow, 09 May around 10am UTC. The OQRS and online log check request functions will be enabled on the log search app after the operation is finished. I do not answer log check request email. If you have not in log situation, please use the NIL online function. LotW will be uploaded within 72 hours for the stations placing Direct QSL request. The QSL design is underway, and I will start posting the Direct QSL cards as soon as I receive it from the printshop. The complete log will be uploaded to the LotW 6 month later.

Please consider to support my charity effort by sending donation for supporting the Community Orphans & Widows Foundation, Uganda. COWFU is a recognized NGO by the government of Uganda. Donation form available on ha5ao.com website. All donated amount will be forwarded to COWFU.

[APRIL 26]

HA5AO Pista informs DX-World that he will be active from Uganda, Pearl of Africa, as 5X2I between 24 April and 10 May 2023. Station will be set up at Busabala, near Kampala, at the shore of Lake Victoria. Operation will be on the 40-10 m bands. The maximum licensed power is 400 W ERP. Operating modes CW, FT8 and some SSB. More information, logsearch and OQRS will be available here

NOTE: Picture above shows actual QTH. Take-off directions shown below: