MARCH 26 – At 15:45z, 5V7EI went QRT making just over 50,000 QSOs. Logsearch here

Pictures above credit EI2JD

MARCH 23 – With just over 3 full days of operating left, the 5V7EI team are discontinuing with Fox & Hound mode but will now use ‘Standard Frequencies’ on FT8 instead. ‘Fox & Hound’ worked very well for us but now, it’s time to maximise our QSOs and try work those guys who just don’t QSY to F&H frequencies. We are very aware of 80m SSB (75m) demands and will try to fulfill these, however, we are still experiencing lightning storms (severe at times) and even had to QRT for several hours last night. With 37,600 QSOs currently uploaded, the team are in good spirits and are determined to get you into their logs. [read more]

MARCH 17 – More pictures at 5V7EI & celebrating St Patrick’s Day in Togo! [credit EI2JD]

MARCH 15 – “Team arrived to a wonderful QTH yesterday, right on schedule. Antenna set up immediately began at first light. QRV by 19:00 on all 5 stations. Last night we witnessed an exciting electrical storm. The team is in high spirits and will be fully operational by this weekend, including 80/160m.”

MARCH 14 @ 19:55Z – 5V7EI starts operations.

Credit: EI2JD

MARCH 13 – Full team now onboard flight to Togo [credit EI9FBB]

MARCH 12 – Irish contingent of the 5V7EI team assembled at Dublin airport earlier today awaiting their flight to Paris C.D.G [credit EI2JD]

DECEMBER 30, 2018 — The EIDX Group who brought you 9N7EI and 7Q7EI earlier in 2018, are delighted to formally announce definite plans for their 2019 DXpedition to Togo.

Operating for 12 consecutive days between 14th-26th March 2019, the 5V7EI team plan to run up to 5 QRO stations across all bands from 160m through 10m on SSB, CW and Digital modes.

Keep an eye on their website which will be updated on a regular basis.