Look for 5UA99WS in the coming days. Operator Giorgio is soon en route to Niamey, Niger. Activity when time permits on 15 & 20m, SSB lasting until December 23rd. This is not a DXpedition. His location this time will be quite “challenging” according to his LoTW manager, IK5SRF. 


Giorgio 5UA99WS is closing down and is returning home tomorrow. He made almost 1900 QSO; all are uploaded on LoTW. He’ll be back in 5U-land around late summer-early autumn.


Giorgio is now QRV and 20m seems to be the best band for him. Some activity has taken place on 10 and 17 too. 40m is challenging so far due to very high QRM. He’s trying to figure out how to manage it but won’t be easy. Good openings on 20m at 07:00 GMT for JA’s and OC.

LoTW account still pending and Paolo upload the logs as soon as the certificate is received. Regarding CW:  Giorgio is not in the condition to manage a pileup but can do some QRS contact if requested (send an email to IK5SRF first of all). Remember this is not a DXpedition, and he is only active when time permits. 

Giorgio 5UA99WS on top of building with the antenna setup.


Confirmation that Giorgio’s callsign will be 5UA99WS (correct call). Activity until approx. March 20th. 

MARCH 2, 2022 

Paolo, IK5SRF informs DX-World that Giorgio IU5HWS (ex-YI9WS) is now in Niger and will soon be QRV (just waiting on confirmation of his callsign) from Niamey. Length of stay probably until middle/ end of March.

As per his YI9WS activity, he is there on duty and will be on the air during spare time. Look for him on SSB only, trying to focus lower bands. Set up is an IC706 and wire antennas. QSL via EA5GL.