[UPDATE] – On his return home to Japan, Nobuaki JA0JHQ will be QRV briefly from Reunion island as FR/M0JHQ. Check 20m FT8.

[SEPTEMBER 15] – The following info has been translated from JA0JHQ blog, but is all relevant since he is now QRV as 5R8HN (until Sept 18) 

Yesterday (Sept 14) I came to Madagascar via Thailand and Reunion Island. I safely arrived at the airport in the evening and went into the hotel, but I was pretty exhausted so I took a nap first. It started operating this morning. The location is the capital Antananarivo – I was able to QSO with several stations using 20m FT8. This trip was originally planned by JA3AVO’s team, and I was planning to join them, but it was difficult to choose a location where a large number of people could operate, so I decided to go with someone who can drive a small and lightweight vehicle, and become a solo operation instead.