Wayne, N0UN provides the following info:

I received (5N1UKO) Tola’s log from when he operated from Niger (5U) on April 23rd of this year as 5N1UKO/5U. 31 total QSO’s. All on 15 Meters SSB. The log is complete on Club Log here

Tola plans to stop in the Administrative capital, Niamy, to complete his licensing paperwork and hopes to have a Niger (5U) callsign granted in the near future. His work calls for him to go between Nigeria and Niger for the next 12 months. His 31 QSO’s from Niger were from his mobile setup at a construction site in Zindar, Niger.

I will update everybody when he has his 5U license (or authority) in hand. I’ve been his QSL Manager for 20 years now. QSL 5N1UKO and 5N1UKO/5U via N0UN. He has not submitted any paperwork to the DXCC Desk for his limited operation from Niger.