Another day behind us, almost every day we are fixing antennas because of the very strong wind, which is also causing a lot of salt buildup on all the antenna elements. All weekend long we struggled with a lot of interference which made it practically impossible to make contacts. This past night we had 4 stations active on the low bands (160/80/40/30) virtually right up to sunrise.

As you probably noticed, we had some problems with our on-line log. We didn’t expect so much interest, thousands of hams are watching the on-line log and every viewer is a new persistent connection with the server. That number quickly exceeded the limit for a single server. It turns out that it was necessary to install 7 additional virtual servers. We hope that Murphy’s Law will stop tormenting us.

We ask you not to repeat QSO’s, let’s give the weaker stations a chance. The band conditions seem to be getting better and better, we invite everyone to make a QSO.


December 29, 2015 – Polish DXpedition Team consisting SP9PT, SP2EBG, SP3CYY, SP3GEM, SP6IXF, SP9FOW, SP9RCL and SQ2OFS will be active as 5J0P from San Luis, San Andres island beginning March 2016.

Website with full details now available