UPDATE – Earlier today on 15m SSB, Eugen 5H2JK/P was active at a height of 4300m while hiking Mt Kilimanjaro. Thor, DK7RD recorded his sigs for DX-World.

AUGUST 6 – Dates have now been announced for this activity. August 8-16 from Kilimanjaro region (National Park 5HFF-0005) followed by another in the town of Moshi. QRV on SSB (check 18144, 21244) after 1500z. 

MAY 30, 2022 – During August 2022, Eugen DL8AAI will be visiting and active from the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. QRV as 5H2JK, although no specific operating times / frequencies / modes yet known, but we’ll update as as soon as we get more info.