UPDATE – OPDX report the following regarding the DXCC status of 5A1AL:

The DXCC Department hasn’t received complete documentation for the 5A1AL operation. DXCC operations require the license of the operation, evidence of authorization for landing, and/or proof of transportation and/or entry. A landing permit is generally issued by a government agency, and grants the person or group permission to enter certain areas for purposes including the operation of an Amateur Radio station. Proof of transportation and/or entry may be a statement by a boat captain or aircraft pilot, certifying that the persons involved were transported to the entity in question.

July 26, 2013 — Abubaker, DL1AL is currently active from near Tripoli as 5A1AL.

QRV mainly on 40-30-20m CW & SSB – also looking for openings on 6m.

QSL via DL1AL.