Although not active since last October, Elham 5A0YL has recently updated her QRZ page with some info:

I apologize for the delay in sending QSL cards out lately. Because of the never ending conflict in Libya, restrictions because of COVID-19, no flights and post between 5A and most countries. Additionally, more than 20 hours daily without electricity makes life here really hard.

Despite all these circumstances, I will be on the air when there is electricity in my area. I am new into amateur radio and looking forward to learning more about the magic of our hobby. Thanks go to Abubaker, 5A1AL who introduced me into amateur radio, he spends a lot of time to teach me and help me get my license.

Looking forward to meeting you on the amateur radio bands; my favourite mode is SSB. Please be patient with me on the bands.

SEPTEMBER 16, 2018 — Earlier today, a new YL op from Libya showed on 20m SSB. DX-World checked with Abubaker, 5A1AL and he confirmed her name is Elham from Tripoli and she is still learning to operate. Abubaker mentioned more info on 5A0YL will be posted on