Felix, HB9FLX  says:

Being on an official Delegation Mission from the Swiss Asian Chamber of Commerce to Timor-Leste, I use the last days after the mission is completed to operate Ham Radio here in Timor Leste.

The QTH is in Liquica at the Black Rock Beach. I will operate from 10th to 14th of June 2014, but not all the time, will also enjoy some time off.

Rig used is a YAESU FT-817, max. power 5 Watt, with either a Buddipole Antenna or a tuned endfed random wire. Operation only in SSB Mode.

About licensing in Timor Leste, I found out that at this time (June 2014) the responsible Authority is the National Communications Authority of Timor Leste; ANC, Autoridade Nacional de Communições. I spoke to the President of the ANC, Mr. Antonio Brigido Coreia. Regulations for Amateur Radio are being developed at this time and are expected to be finished in a few months. As I’m staying less than 90 days, I was allowed to operate with Home Call Sign and 4W Prefix. They wanted me to register my activity to E-Mail Adress [email protected] including a copy of my Home License and my Passport. No further paperwork required, no fees. Should someone wants to call Mr. Coreia, I have his Phone number, just e-mail me if you need it.