Peter DC0KK (4S7KKG) will be active from Sri Lanka during March 2-9, 2022 along with Wolfgang, DK7DR (4S7DRG). Info below provided by Peter:

From 2.3. to 9.3.2022, 4S7DRG (DK7DR) Wolfgang and 4S7KKG (DC0KK) Peter will visit the former Deutsche Welle relay station near Trincomalee. The station is now operated by the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC). We will have the unique opportunity to use the large shortwave antennas between 7 and 21 Mhz for amateur radio during transmission breaks, which have up to 20dBi antenna gain. Also a 104m high mast medium wave antenna for testing on the long bands. The intended focus with both stations will be operation in SSB as well as FT8 and if necessary on FT8 F/H. The necessary, lengthy and complex approvals have been delayed, so unfortunately the announcement can only be made at very short notice. QSL please to the home callsigns.