We know readers like this new feature, but our initial plea for help to make this a success went unanswered. Without Danny ON4VT providing these great photos, we may as well stop.

It would be really good if perhaps readers could become contributors and help us – do you have old DX / DXpedition photos similar to below, or found hereherehere ?

All you have to do is scan the photo, or even “photo the photo” using smartphone and send to us – we’ll do the rest. Your help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

QSL cards not ready, but nice letter!


T27JA, Tuvalu (1992)


Nao, JG1SHT as T27JA (1992)


Nao, JG1SHT as T30NY (1992)


Antenna assembly on W. Kiribati prior to T30NY activity.


Aki, JQ1QET (now JA1KAJ) running RTTY as T30QQ (1992)