On October 18 broke the news about a one-man DXpedition to Bouvet (3Y) planned for the first quarter of 2016.

The news was met with disbelief and excitement. Those who were privy to Mark Demeuleneere’s ON4WW quest will know he spent considerable time and effort to finally secure landing approval and subsequent permission to stage an amateur radio expedition from the most isolated island on earth. People thought his dream was just this, a dream, but it has come true!

Many will immediately associate and recall this newly planned activity with that of the solo activation by Chuck Brady (sk) as 3Y0C back in December 2000, where he also stayed on the ice-capped island for a number of months, albeit at a different location to the one ON4WW intends to be.

Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) officially approved (in writing) that ON4WW be permitted to camp at the lower plateau of Kapp Valdivia from mid-January 2016 until mid-April 2016.

Clearly a huge amount of funding to carry out this solo amateur radio expedition from Bouvet is required and that process starts immediately.

A webpage is available with background information and full details on the planned operation, including the funding approach:

The e-mail address to contact ON4WW in regard to Bouvet is (not his regular e-mail).