Press Release #12 from 3Y0J team 

3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island

Amateur Radio DXpeditions (ARD) is making great progress for our upcoming 3Y0J Bouvet DXpedition! With only 2 months left until we go onshore Bouvet, we approach November that will come with another major milestones for us!

1st December 2022 we will pay 30% of the vessel contract – which is a significant amount! At the same time our projected budget shows a negative balance of $35,000 indicating that we are at risk of having to increase the operator fee. The operators have already paid approximately $25,000 each on this adventure to activate Bouvet. With only 2 months to go, we critically need your support to balance the budget before our departure January 13th from Port Stanley. In worst case the operators will have to cover up the negative balance to pay the bills! Still, we’re determined to go to Bouvet! Let’s see if we can close the gap!

We have made a tremendous effort through the last 15 months to prepare for the trip. We have matured the 3YØJ DXpedition to a level we think is needed to achieve the necessary success. And we have made significant improvements the last few months to your benefit.

Amongst other, we quite recently attended a climbing course to prepare for the rough vertical 90 degree climbing to be expected at Bouvet. This knowledge will enable us to safely rescue an injured operator from the camp. Next week we prepare for attending a glacier course to train for a 300m glacier crossing at the Bouvet glacier. During the whole process since June 2021, we have engaged with an experienced Norway based Expeditioner and sailor, Peter, that has an incredible knowledge and hands-on experience in assisting Expeditions to succeed in difficult Antarctica waters! Peter is leading the zodiac operation and vessel loading. His experience is a huge benefit to us! We have engaged with former NPI employees that have visited Bouvet more than 60 times. With all these preparations, we now find us in at the end of a long marathon after 2.5 years of planning! With all the expertise on the team – we’re confident in the end-result and the team is determined to go to Bouvet!

You can trust we will do what we can to give you that much needed ATNO!

Follow our progress and plans on our website and the 3Y0J Facebook pages:

Thank you, Oslo Nov 05th 2022

Ken Opskar LA7GIA, Co-Leader 
Rune Oye LA7THA, Co-Leader 
Erwann Merrien LB1QI, Co-Leader