All donations by PayPal are refunded. All donations by mail are refunded. We still have a few bank wires for Araucaria DX Club, LA DX Group and RSGB to refund. If you do not receive your donation refund within seven days from today, please contact [email protected]


Some ask us why don’t we just charter another ship? That seems logical, however we have not found another ship that is both suitable and affordable. Cdt. Fourcault and Hanse Explorer both charge over $1 million USD for a charter to Bouvet. That is well beyond what a DXpedition can manage. We have the desire to go, we lack an affordable ship that is capable.

JUNE 13, 2021 

To the global DX community. We regret to inform you of the following news.

The global pandemic has impacted the expedition charter vessel business very hard; this includes the venerable RV Braveheart which has provided outstanding safety and service to many DXpeditions. As you know, we had signed a contract with Braveheart for 3Y0J.

Today, we were informed that Braveheart will be sold. As a result, Nigel Jolly will no longer be associated with the ship, our contract with the ship has been cancelled and our deposit will be refunded. This is a very disappointing development to all involved.

At this time, we are cancelling the 3Y0J Dxpedition. We have ceased accepting donations and we will begin refunding 100% of the donations using the same method they were received, i.e., PayPal, cash or check. This process will take several weeks to sort out, so please be patient.

We wish to thank our team for putting their trust in us. We wish to thank all of the donors and sponsors that gave generously to this project. We will continue to research other ships and possibly find another suitable vessel for a future project.

Paul Ewing, N6PSE
Kenneth Opskar LA7GIA