Ken, LA7GIA informs that Team 3Y0J have updated their band plan.

This will be their initial setup and will work closely together with all pilot stations, and if they see that something is not working, adjustments will be made.

Note the following:

  • 160m will be CW only.
  • 80m will be CW/SSB
  • So no FT8 on 160/80m.
  • Special permit up to 1500W on CW/SSB.
  • Will always keep lowest 10 kHz on regular bands and lowest 5 kHz on WARC bands clear to allow regular DX traffic.
  • CW split will be limited to 15 kHz spectrum and Phone 30 kHz spectrum.
  • RTTY will be on 1-2 bands 14125 and 21125 kHz.
  • CW/SSB will have priority over digital modes.

FT8 will be F/H only, 4 stations aimed running 24/7 with 100W. The 4 FT8 stations can be controlled by 1 operator, or each FT8 station can be controlled individually by an operator running SSB/CW (SO2R) mode.

FT8 will be on 40-10m running 100W, but focus on using 7 x yagis 20-10m.

They have chosen FT8/RTTY frequencies that gives better in band separation, and also to avoid the most public frequencies that might be occupied by others DXpeditions in F/H mode.

60m frequencies have been updated, potentially 60m for last few days. There is no promise for 60m but if they can they will.

They have agreed with Crozet DXpedition that he runs FT8 on 10131 and Bouvet on 10140 kHz.

Team are also in process of updating station system diagram that will reflect the possible camp build up, ie how they plan to build the camp step by step.