The low pressure system which thwarted attempts by the 3Y0I team to arrive at Bouvet was such a powerful storm that it has its own definition: BOMBOGENESIS.

According to reports on

the captain analyzed the latest weather reports indicating a chance to break through the storm – as it hadn’t been that strong at that time“.

The following is therefore consistent with that of Bombogenesis –

Unfortunately, the storm developed and intensified in a matter of an hour.”

If nothing else, at least the team can say they survived Bombogenesis, or explosive cyclogenesis.

In actual fact they were “lucky” to escape with the damage the ship received. Their lives were definitely at risk.

Main image above shows the storm now moving away from Bouvet with a central pressure of 946Mb. The tight isobars on the northwest flank of the system show where the strongest winds are and what Atlantic Tuna sailed in. This was basically a cold-water hurricane.