First of all, we would like to wish the recently announced 3Y0J Bouvet DXpedition all the best for a successful activity at the start of 2023. There is enough space for even 3 more activities from 3Y0 land. We know how much detailed planning goes into a project like this and cross fingers for them.

From a Rebel perspective, the 3Y0J announcement does not change our plans. December 15, 2021 is when we plan to leave Cape Town and again head south into the Roaring Forties and Furious Fifties before attempting a Bouvet landing. We absolutely know from experience how volatile the seas around this most remote island are.

Our team of 8 operators aim to spend up to 30 days on Bouvet. Depending on weather, we will likely spend 7-10 days each way on the high seas getting there and returning.

Once on the island and our camp is set up, we will run 8 stations covering 160-6m. Modes include CW, SSB, FT4/FT8, RTTY and OQ100.

The total budget for our Bouvet DXpedition is considerably less than that of 3Y0J. We also have had no backing from any of the DX foundations.

Nonetheless, we are now missing only $32,000 from our final cost of $267,000. We absolutely hope between now and December we can accrue this missing amount, and appeal to all generous donors to help us with our final push to meet target.

More info will be posted soon.

First attempt documented here