NEWS UPDATE by Rebel DX Group

We are still pushing with the missing budget ($24300) to finalize last payment for the vessel to make 3Y0I happen. So far (as an international team) we still can’t travel to South Africa due the Covid situation. Bouvet is not cancelled! All our equipment is ready there, waiting for us.

Time is running like crazy, also Antarctic summer will not wait for us so long… Please keep in mind that we will maybe need to reschedule this trip for the next season.

In the meantime Dom 3Z9DX received his Fijian government travel permit to go back to the Pacific Rebel Base as a back up plan. There is three different DXCC’s around: 3D2/C Conway,  3D2/R Rotuma, 3D2 Fiji + several IOTAs including some very rare groups. Unfortunately, cyclone season starts from November to March… so all looks very difficult and hard from logistic point of view. Let’s see what happens soon.

First attempt documented here