Have offer from Nigel Jolly (vessel “Braveheart”) of shipping to and from Bouvet in January-February 2018 on his second vessel “Claymore II”


August 13, 2015Press Release #2 by UN7PCZ /3Y0F

I receive lots of questions regarding 3Y0F DXpedition.

At this time, some logistical issues remain open and unresolved. People in charge of Antarctic expeditions RAE (r/v “Ak. Fedorov”) and SANAP (r/v “S.A.Agulhas II”) are currently away on summer holidays. Nothing can be done until they are back at their respective offices. For obvious lack of immediate progress, I must admit that our operation will probably be delayed until the next season, 2016-2017. With limited time remaining for collecting funds for this years DXpedition, we are not going to meet looming organizational deadlines. We think, along with many other level-headed hams, that Bouvet will remain among the top MWL entries (after P5).

We will continue with antenna manufacture and assembly of other equipment for the DXpedition. Soon, there will be a website where donation pledges (pledges, not actual money) can be made. This will allow us to measure the level of your interest and support for this undertaking, and do budget evaluations.

A large number of hams are interested in joining the expedition as operators. They want to know about personal contribution size (p/p cost). We estimate that amount to be equal to 4% of DXpedition budget. Exact numbers will be published when the budget is finalized.

At this time we have received estimates for costs and travel dates from Cape Town (South Africa) to Bouvet.

Please be patient and watch DXpedition news posted on qrz.com/db/3y0f

Alex Lebedev, UN7PCZ
Bouvet DXpedition Coordinator